Drug Index

Drug Index is appreciated by every doctor and pharmacist for its unique trend setting pattern of presenting product information, allowing easy reference to respective therapeutic categories, molecules and brands vis--vis indications, mechanism of action, dosage, packing and price in one go. The pictorial representation of safety alerts and special precautions related to drug interactions, overdose, adverse effects etc. makes Drug Index not only an interesting but also an indispensable Medical Desk Reference for every doctor.

Dental Index

Now dentists have a reason to smile. Dental Index is a must refer tool, exclusively published for dentists by Quintessence, since last 11 years. Dental Index imparts invaluable knowledge of a wide range of dental equipments, instruments and materials ranging from dental chairs to imaging systems; dental materials to implants and drugs used in day-to-day dental practice.

Drug Interaction Series

Drug Interaction Series is a handy, pocket-sized, easy to refer booklet, customized to the need for specialists. Each series is targeted for a particular section of therapeutic class. An effective presentation of the booklet not only provides the prescriber a quick glance on the effects of drug-drug interaction but also the levels/severity of interaction between them, thus to avoid the foreseen prescribing errors in clinical practice.