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Drug Interaction Series - Pocket Handbook

  • Contains concise product monographs of some commonly used drugs in each speciality to serve as a ready reckoner for the physicians.
  • Lists important drug-drug interactions in each segment, informing the effects and mechanism of these interactions in simple tabular format.

Drug Prescription Guide for Specialists, CPs and GPs

  • Each book of this series focuses on a particular drug (can be customized according to the requirement) and illustrates in a systematic manner its MOA, approved and over-the-counter indications, dosage in each indication, modification in renal and hepatic disorders (if any), side-effects and interaction with other drugs.
  • The USP of this book would be the authenticity of its contents which would be derived from renowned pharmacology textbooks such as Goodman and Gilman’s Pharmacological Basis and Therapeutics, Lippincott’s Illustrated Reviews – Pharmacology, and Martindale – The complete Drug Reference.

A Guide to Differential Diagnosis

  • The content in the book focuses on broad signs and symptoms in several common medical disorders in each specialty, and proceed from less specific features to more specific complaints, to help physicians make a diagnosis.
  • Alongside, differences based on common investigations have also been incorporated, wherever required, to facilitate decision making.
  • Highlight features of the book include images and pictures to depict the clinical features, and algorithms for the diagnosis of conditions in different specialties.

ALPHABET Dictionary of Laboratory Investigations

  • “ALPHABET Dictionary of Laboratory Investigations” contains common and essential laboratory investigations arranged in an alphabetical manner to act as a ready reference for clinicians.
  • As it contains all the vital information on lab investigations in a synchronized format, and indications in which they are indicated, the book can be extremely valuable in daily practice of the physicians across all clinical settings.

New & Noteworthy - Medical Series

  • The book contains recent advances being made worldwide in the diagnosis and management of common disorders in different clinical specialties.
  • As an essential feature, tables, images and figures have been incorporated to make the book more readable, and provide meaningful, contemporary, and interesting information in an easy to read format to maximize comprehension with minimum effort.
  • The books aim to be a connecting point for physicians with advances in their respective clinical fields.

Media Manager for Individual Profucts and Indications

    For instance:
    Website/blog/e-newspaper on:

  • Ulinastatin and Critical Care
  • Darbepoetin and CKD Anemia
  • Ageless and Resveratrol (also, potential for preventivecare blog/website on ageing and healthy lifestyle)
  • Oncology
  • Diabetes Care
  • Etc..

Handbook of 2016 Medical Guidelines

  • Point-wise illustration of recent 2016 guidelines of reputed and well-acclaimed societies from around the world with summary points at the end of each guideline
  • Can be customized with relevant highlighting of the drugs of interest in the guidelines whereever deemed essential.

Handling Medical Emergencies and Critical Care

  • Simple, step-wise demonstration of treatment approach to common medical emergencies in each speciality
  • All treatment approaches shown in easy-to-understand flowchart format based on recent guidelines and recommondations.

Also Available: Handling Dental Emergencies

Treatment Flow Charts Series

  • Updated treatment flowcharts of commonly encountered medical disorders
  • Systematic, easy-to-understand format
  • Covers prognostic markers and updated drug doses of commonly used drugs.